The best way to enjoy a book is when it comes with a lot of fun gifts! I have put together five book boxes which include the following

  • A signed copy of the Twisted

  • A keychain with jewels like the ones Rumpelstiltskin collects

  • A journal similar to the one Aoife carries around with her

  • Two bookmarks


Just Tweet, Post, Share, Friend, or Draw your way into a raffle for one of these book boxes. One winner will be chosen from each of the following categories. You may participate in all five for more chances to win!


  1. On Twitter: Follow me and Tweet a comment about the book and #TwistedTheBook

    • Winner announced November 26, 2016

  2. On Instagram: Share a picture of the book

    • Winner announced December 3, 2016

  3. On Facebook: Friend and share Twisted's page 

    • Winner announced December 17, 2016

  4. On Pinterest: Post a picture of the book 

  • Winner announced December 23, 2016